Constructions ELectriques DU Centre

All starts in 1960 with the unification of:
  • « Scare » company from Saint-Chamond (42-Loire)
  • « Le Transformateur Industriel » company from Grenoble (38-Isère)
In 1964, Michel GUICHARD decided to implant a factory close to SAINT ETIENNE (in Sorbiers, Loire) with the name : celduc.
Specialized in electrotechnic and power electronic, celduc is split into 2 separate companies :
  • celduc transfo : manufacturer of immersed power transformers
  • celduc relais : manufacturer of static relays
In 1990, group celduc holding is created which manage both companies.

50 years of innovation

From 1960 to 1980, the company was present on the national transformers distribution market, post transformers and earthing transformers manufactured in series.
Since 1990, celduc transfo has specialized in a specific production, to offer a technical solution at international industrial electrical applications.

celduc transfo old celduc transfo transport

celduc transfo : 3 000 m² of plant, 50 years of experience, 40 employees, 1 international presence .