POWER-GEN Europe in Paris from the 12th to the 14th of November


Come meeting us at our booth at POWER-GEN Europe exhibition which will take place in Paris from the 12th to the 14th of November.
It will be the occasion for celduc transfo to introduce its new solutions 

We are waiting for you in Stand nr H62 !


celduc transfo participated as an exhibitor on the CHIMEXPO-POWER ENERGIES show in Avignon (France).

salon maquette-salon salon-1

This is the result of very long weeks and months of work that had been done before:

The choice, design and page make-up new business posters explaining sectors and features of our immersed power transformers. The manufacture of a scale model of a miniature transformer.

Indeed the sales team traveled to Avignon for this 2nd edition of an exhibition show dedicated to energy and chemistry. The visitors were able to discover that celduc transfo  has been an actor on the immersed transformer market for more than 50 years.

170 companies were present to exhibit their own-know and their various industrial products.

This is a start for celduc transfo , which will follow up new horizons for trade shows.

New ATEX Directive: ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

celduc transfo manufacture oil immersed transformers for hazardous area following the new ATEX Directive.

Its full new reference is “Directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”

It was published on March 29th, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union L 96,29.3.2014, P.309-356, like 7 other Directives in the New Legislative Framework Alignment Package.
The new Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU is applicable from April 20th, 2016.
This new Directive does not introduce substantial change concerning the manufacturers:

  • There is no change of the Essential Health and Safety Requirements.
  • There is also no change in the different procedures of evaluation.

The modifications mainly concern:

  1. the manner of notifying the bodies, which will have to be accredited beforehand;
  2. the manner of implementing the relations between the Member States, in particular with respect to the market surveillance;
  3. all the economic operators having a role in the ATEX product sales, will be more responsible.

The responsibility of the ATEX product distributors and retailers is now clearly defined.

Due to the fact that we are in the European Union and not in the European Community some terms have changed:

  • The manufacturer writes an EU declaration of conformityEx
  • The Notified Body issues an EU type examination certificate

The CE marking which is affixed on the products is not modified.

This marking means “European Conformity” and not “European Community”.

An Ecodesign power transformer for Landes South Coast

The Sitcom of Landes South Coast decided to rebuild the energy recovery unit ( UVE ) to Benesse Maremne with the aim to replace the two existing incineration plants. The new UVE will be composed of single waste treatment line.

INOVA is awarded the lot of the process equipment , electrical and control systems .

EIFFAGE ENERGIE is the studies provider, supplies, deliveries and technical assistance for the commissioning of transformers to meet the voltage of Turbo Alternator Group.

On the occasion of this project celduc transfo manufactured one of its first immersed power transformers respecting the new Ecodesign directive UE 548/2014.

It is a 12 MVA rated power device which allow to raise the voltage of 6 kV to 21 kV. The transformer being greater than 3.15 MVA , so we must  respect the PEI value (the index of maximum efficiency ) . The level of losses is very low, our team of designers have adapted the design to meet the requirements of the Directive.

In terms of manufacture, these modifications have resulted in a much heavier active part of transformer ( more iron and copper ) and a tank with a little less cooling fins and therefore less oil.

Another success for celduc transfo as the transformer was delivered to the site late 2015 for a commissioning in May, 2016.


New sales brochure

It all started early 2014 with a project to develop a new logo for our company. Our chairman decided to standardize the logos of the three group companies: groupe celduc , celduc relais and celduc transfo.

Xtreme company based in Civens (France) , worked on the project. After different proposals and several artistic meetings , our new logo was created in June, 2014.

Following this first step, celduc transfo embarked on a real creation campaign to renew its visual identity.

Our website was entirely reviewed early in 2015.

The SudOffset company based in La Ricamarie (France) , was able to work closely with us to make us the tools adapted to our buisness: buisness cards , posters , roll-up , sales brochure...

The choice of colors , advertising slogan , transformers pictures , design , 3D drawings , the formatting ... everything was reviewed . The objective is to best express our how-know , our buisness: Manufacturing of customized immersed power transformers.

Thus, in end of 2015 , our new sales brochures is finally successful , as of our company icon : "designed , built and certified for you" .

Plaquette GB

FRA test : Frequency Response Analysis

celduc transfo invest in a new diagnostic system for power transformers.

Governed by the IEC 60076-18 standard, the FRA analysis is a sensitive system to detect mechanical deformations transformers.

Relevés FRA

The FRA analyser is able to detect :

  • Winding deformations
  • Parallel conductors shorted
  • Short circuit in the windings or interturn
  • Winding shorted to ground
  • Plate of the magnetic circuit shorted
  • Grounding of the floating magnetic circuit
  • Open circuit
  • Contact resistance problems

In the operation, several series of tests are performed on all phases of the transformer. Requiring a clean source, the analyser send a signal varying in frequency between 1 Hz and 30 MHz and records the frequency response curves of each winding. Upon reading these curves, we can determinate if there is a deformation of the magnetic core, or on the windings, or even on the transformer connections.

The device is equipped with software that automatically creates reports.

The analyser gives a "fingerprint" of the new transformer (at the factory). These statements can later be compared with on site measurements, throughout the life of the unit.

A new step for celduc transfo in the quality road !

EcoDesign European Directive Européenne to small, medium and large power transformers

Distribution transformers, installed after 1st July 2015, are concerned by UE Regulation No. 548/2014 of the new European directive.

This regulation aims to reduce system losses and therefore losses due to the conversion of about 20%.
To reduce these losses, manufacturers should use a better quality of grain oriented steel for the magnetic core in order to reduce no load losses. To improve the load losses level, the copper sections in the windings shall be increased.

Immersed transformers from 25 kVA to 3150 kVA:
Transformers concerned must comply with loss levels indicated in the table below (from the regulation 548/2014):

tableau 1 GB

Immersed transformers> 3150 kVA:
Transformers concerned must comply with the maximum efficiency index (PEI).
The formula used to calculate the index of maximum efficiency (PEI) of medium power and high power transformers is:

Formulewith :

  • Po refers to the no load loss measurement at rated voltage and rated frequency , to the assigned tap ;
  • Pco refers to the electric power required by the cooling system for the load operation ;
  • Pk refers to the load losses measured at rated current and rated frequency to the assigned tap, reduced to the reference temperature ;
  • Sr drefers to the rated power of the transformer or autotransformer on the basis of which is calculated Pk.

tableau 2 GB
celduc transfo transformers concerned are designed, defined and manufactured in accordance with the new requirements of the European standard. The losses of these transformers then match the new ecodesign requirements.

Finally, to indicate this conformity , CE marking will be put on each transformer.

With this new directive, July 2015 is a first phase in reductions of losses ! Indeed the horizon of July 2021 new requirements are imposed to transformers manufacturers.

celduc transformers on St MARTIN island !

news Saint MartinAt the beginning of 2015, 3 celduc transformers travelled since Sorbiers (42) in France to the Caribbean Sea.

From the beginning of the project, the celduc transfo 

study office faced to some constraint related to the high ambient temperature of the site. Indeed, these 3 power transformers, weighing not less than 17 tons/unity, have a temperature rise reduce to 10 K.

Operating on a 60 Hz network, these immersed power transformers of 11 MVA were installed on the St Martin Island. Destined to grow up voltage level from 6,6 kV to 21 kV, they will be integrated to the electrical power plant extension of  la Baie de la potence.

A nice project for celduc transfo company which already give the rythm of holidays with the Caribbean sun. !