Our transformers

Immersed power transformers manufacturer

Our manufacture range extends from 50 kVA until 17 MVA in continuous duty.
Applied voltage level can be until 63 kV.
We can reduce temperature rise of our transformers according to the ambient temperature of installation site.
Our range of manufacturing

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Customized windings

A three-54phase transformer active part : 18 three-phase secondaries output

A three-54phase transformer active part : 18 secondaries

Entirely manufactured in copper the home coil manufacture allows to diversify the windings, vectors groups, number of turns…
We design all coupling types on our transformers. Some applications ask additional phases relations; more than the normal relation link to vector group.
We can provide transformer with one three-phase primary and 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 three-phase secondaries : to have 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 pulses output.
celduc transfo has already made a three-54phase transformer : one three-phase primary and 18 three-phase secondaries assembled on 1 magnetic core.

Adjustment and variety

According to 94/9/CE, and to comply with safety and health requirements, the electrical devices designed to be used on explosive atmospheres must be IECEX certified by a notified body according to European standard.
Our transformers can be area 2 IECEX certified, for special area installations (rare explosive gaseous atmosphere).
We can also change, on demand, our transformers architecture and then incorporate special covers and/or protection cages… (Useful for transformers with cables bottom entry)
For surface treatment, celduc transfo propose C2M, C3M, C4M systems.
Concerning corrosive environment installations, hot dip galvanization (C5M) is often required.
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Cooling methods

transformateurOur transformers are immersed in oil : it’s a heat transfer fluid which is also insulation role.
Many oil types can be used : mineral, vegetal, silicon or syntetic ester depending on the applications.
For all our power range, ONAN method is the most frequently used :
  • hermetically sealed type : with DGPT2 relay.
  • breathing type : with conservator, dehydrating breather and buchholz relay…
We propose ONAF cooling type : transformers are equipped with fans to grow the cooling capacity and so the transformer rated power.

We can also provide transformers type OFWF or KFWF (need fresh water).
The thermal exchange water/oil via the exchanger cools the transformer.
This method enables to reduce significantly the size of device ; it’s a space saving on site.
We used double wall plate or double tube exchanger, to make impossible the mixing oil/water.

Transformer equipped with double wall plate exchanger

Transformer with double wall plate exchanger

Transformer equipped with double tube exchanger

Transformer equipped with double tube exchanger

Transformers built for a long time

  • Magnetic circuit punched for a better mechanical behavior.
  • Copper winding.
  • Core and coils assembled and wedged in order to accept all the electrodynamics strengths.
  • Core clamps made with beech foliated and glued to avoid any deformation in time.
  • Wedging and clamping parts generously designed.
  • Flexible connections between winding LV and terminals to avoid any mechanical strength and leak.